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WN19-01 Newton

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Scenario to illustrate new things for TY2019

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Problem Intake Sheet Scenario Printed Return Work Products Other
Newton 01-23-2020 01-23-2020 01-23-2020 NJ Checklist 01-23-2020
NJ HCC / SRP Worksheet 01-23-2020
Use Tax 01-23-2020
Exemption Confirmation 01-23-2020

Change Log:

  • 01-23-2020
    • Intake Sheet v1.0
    • Scenario v1.0
    • Printed Return v1.0
    • NJ Checklist v1.0
    • NJ HCC / SRP Worksheet v1.0
    • Use Tax v0.9b
    • Exemption Confirmation v1.0
  • 01-20-2020
    • Intake Sheet v0.9a
    • Scenario v0.9a
    • Printed Return v0.9a
    • NJ HCC / SRP Worksheet v0.9a
    • Exemption Confirmation v0.9a